Activities Director


  1. Must be a communicant member of an evangelical church.
  2. Provide completed staff form as requested by a Conference Director.


  1. Attends staff meetings.
  2. Plans and conducts various activities during the conference, provides for the equitable sharing of responsibilities and opportunities, and promotes good sportsmanship and godliness in these activities.
  3. Selects activities that may be competitive or non-competitive, athletic or non-athletic, and may be tasks necessary to the functioning of the conference with the ultimate goal of all activities is the glory of God through the practice of Christian behavior and fellowship.
  4. Plans schedule of activities according to conference schedule determined by the Conference Director.
  5. Requests, no later than July 1, any equipment or supplies needed to execute planned activities and other sports during the conference.
  6. Plans alternative activities, especially "rainy day" activities, which might be used when needed.
  7. Plans clan constituency, names, and scoring.
  8. Notifies Conference Director of these plans at least two weeks prior to conference.
  9. Upon arrival, ensures that all necessary supplies are available and in place where needed.
  10. Oversees clan assignments.
  11. Makes clear the time and place of all activities.
  12. Ensures that all activities begin and end at times appointed.
  13. Arranges for any necessary supervision of particular activities.
  14. Ensures that all supplies and equipment are properly stored after activities and that appropriate action is taken to encourage the right use of the Sabbath.
  15. Reports scores at those times determined by the Conference Director or Dean.
  16. Encourages all present at the conference to participate in the activities.

revised 3/1/08

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To apply for a volunteer staff position...

Simply download the application form and mail the completed form to the director of the week you wish to apply for.

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