1. Must be a communicant member in good and regular standing of an evangelical church.
  2. Provides a completed counselor application as requested by a Conference Director.
  3. Must be at least two years and two grades older than the oldest camper for whom the conference is designated. For example, a conference for grades 7 and 8 would require all counselors and assistant counselors to be at least in grade 10 and at least 15 years old.
  4. Must not cause the staff to fail the Park requirement that "a minimum one counselor, who is at least 18 years of age, must be provided for every eight campers." While our other staffing will usually make this an unnecessary concern, conference directors do well to keep this in mind.
  5. Must demonstrate sufficient maturity to fulfill the responsibilities assigned. The Conference Director should be certain that those who are mature and who have experience as counselors at French Creek Bible Conferences are part of the counselor staff.

Counselor Duties

  1. Maintains discipline and atmosphere. Report infractions to Conference Director or Dean.
  2. Knows where assigned delegates are at all times.
  3. Takes head count before each class, meal and activity.
  4. Ensures delegates attend activities and are on time. Exceptions are approved only by the Nurse, Conference Director, or Dean.
  5. Enjoys assigned delegates.
  6. Participates in all activities.
  7. Sits with delegates.
  8. Conducts cabin devotions each night.
  9. Ensures delegates are quiet and asleep at night.
  10. Remains in cabins at night. Counselor and cabin parties are prohibited.
  11. Ensures cabins, washhouses, and grounds are kept clean.
  12. Reports questions or problems to Conference Director.
  13. Does not go behind the counter in the kitchen. (Counselors have many responsibilities but few privileges.)
  14. Notifies Conference Director if rest or break is needed.
  15. Speaks to each assigned delegate in a personal, heart-to-heart way about salvation.
  16. Provides Conference Director with a report on each camper before leaving.
  17. Writes at least one letter to each camper after the conference.
  18. When assigned to supervise an Assistant Counselor, responsible for the campers of the Assistant Counselor as well as own.
  19. When assigned to supervise an Assistant Counselor, must provide a written report on the Assistant Counselor to the Conference Director before leaving.
  20. Attends as a delegate the appropriate youth conference when eligible.

Assistant Counselor Guidelines

  1. An Assistant Counselor must have the written approval of at least one parent and of his or her pastor (of an evangelical church) or the session in the absence of a pastor.
  2. The purpose of the Assistant Counselor is two-fold: first, to provide assistance to Counselors, and second, to provide on-the-job training for future Counselors.
  3. Each Assistant Counselor is under the supervision of a Counselor.
  4. An Assistant Counselor is to perform the same functions as a Counselor, with the following exceptions:
  5. Infractions should be first reported to the supervising Counselor, and then jointly reported to the Conference Director or Dean.
  6. Cabin devotions will be held jointly with the supervising Counselor's cabin(s)

revised 10/30/2010

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