Kitchen Staff


  1. Must express in writing or personally to the Head Cook a willingness to conform to the standards of the conferences and submit to the leadership of the Conference Director and the Kitchen Coordinator.
  2. Is at least a freshman in high school.
  3. Is not eligible to be a delegate at the particular youth conference that is being staffed.
  4. Attends age appropriate youth conference if eligible.
  5. Is recognized as reliable from previous years of service or has two good references.
  6. Knows in advance, at least in general, the duties and privileges of the kitchen staff.


  1. Follows general rules of the conference and the State Park.
  2. Performs all tasks related to meal preparation, post-meal cleanup, and general maintenance of the kitchen as assigned by the Kitchen Coordinator.
  3. Arrives on time as appointed.
  4. Serves canteen under the supervision of the Kitchen Coordinator.
  5. Seeks and receives permission from the Kitchen Coordinator or Conference Director before assuming any special privileges.

revised 10/30/10

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To apply for a volunteer staff position...

Simply download the application form and mail the completed form to the director of the week you wish to apply for.

2019 Volunteer Staff Application