1. Must be a communicant member of an evangelical church.
  2. Certified in first aid or hold a license in good standing issued by a state board of medicine.
  3. Provide completed staff form as requested by a Conference Director.

Pre-Conference Duties/First Day Duties

  1. First Nurse of the summer takes inventory and provides for initial stocking of supplies.
  2. All other Nurses check for adequate supplies.
  3. Receives completed insurance forms (camper and staff) from Conference Director.
  4. Has phone numbers of at least two doctors.
  5. Knows the best route to third party medical providers, including the closest hospital, urgent care facility, and doctor’s offices.
  6. Attends meeting where counselors are provided guidelines and training in order to be available to answer questions or assist in the training.

Conference Duties

  1. Attends staff meetings.
  2. Maintains custody of insurance forms (camper and staff) throughout the conference.
  3. Uses the Corporation's medical insurance policy.
  4. Holds and dispenses all medications brought by all campers or documents and notifies conference director if a camper is holding his or her own medication.
  5. Maintains record of treatment.
  6. Notifies parents when appropriate.
  7. Replenishes supplies as appropriate.
  8. Keeps infirmary clean.
  9. Ensures that all campers, regardless of age, needing third party medical treatment are accompanied by an adult conference staff member.

Post-Conference/Last Day Duties

  1. Notifies Treasurer through the Conference Director of all possible insurance claims.
  2. Makes recommendations to conference director for future heath care at the conferences.
  3. Last Nurse of the summer packs supplies and provides inventory to the Conference Director. Please destroy all supplies which will be out of date or unusable next year.

revised 3/1/08

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To apply for a volunteer staff position...

Simply download the application form and mail the completed form to the director of the week you wish to apply for.

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