Volunteer Staffing

The conferences have relied on volunteer staff since the very first summer. Godly men and women have found enjoyment and fulfillment in serving the Lord through the years, and without their cheerful and willing service, these conferences would cease to exist. There are many ways in which you can serve on our staff throughout the summer. Please review the opportunities below, and consider how God may be able to use your gifts to support this ministry to young people and their families.


The role of counselor is arguably the most important one at the conferences. As a counselor, you have the privilege and responsibility to watch over the young people, to help them understand the truths of the Word as they are being taught, and to encourage them in their personal walk with the Lord.

Kitchen Staff

It can be safely said that the kitchen keeps the conferences going. Enjoying the wonders of creation and the joys of outdoor activities helps work up some impressive appetites. Planning meals, cooking, serving, and even cleaning up require a cheerful disposition and a willingness to "roll up your sleeves" - but its more fun and fellowship than you can imagine. Just ask anyone who's done it!


Speakers and teachers are to present the truth of God's Word to the attendees in a way which is engaging, instructive, and practical. Lessons should be appropriate for the age group of the conference.


Over the years, there have been very few medical issues of any kind, thanks to the goodness of our God and to the dedicated and loving care from our medical workers. If you are a doctor, a nurse, an EMT, or if you're certified in first aid, won't you consider helping us to keep the kids safe and healthy for a week (or two)?

Activities Director

Outdoor (and, when appropriate, indoor) activities are plentiful and tons of fun. We're always looking for creative minds and eager hearts to help plan, organize and carry out the various types of fun and competition that the young people enjoy.


Music is an integral part of the worship and praise we give to our Lord. It is also one of the most beloved activities that we have enjoyed at FCBC. If God has gifted you with musical talents, and you wish to use them to lead and encourage others in praising God, then consider being a part of the team this summer.