Conference Staff Application

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To simplify the application process, it is preferred you complete the online application below. If you would still prefer to apply via mailed registration forms, you may download this application form in a printable format here and mail it to your respective conference’s registrar along with any additional forms. Thank you!

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All staff applicants must have their background checks finalized prior to submitting their staff application. Contact the relevant camp director(s) for additional information.



    Labor Day FamilyPost High11/129/107/84/5/6

    CounselorKitchen Staff**Other

    **Kitchen staff applications are submitted directly to Dana Schnitzel. Limited spaces are available. Please contact her prior to submitting your application.
    (215) 802-0061,


    Labor Day FamilyPost High11/129/107/84/5/6





    ***Staff who are eighteen or over 18 must have their background clearances in hand before applying to serve. Contact the director of the conference you are applying for for additional information.







    Please provide two (2) non-related references from people in the following areas of your life.
    1. Spiritual Reference: pastor, youth pastor or spiritual counselor (listed under Church Involvement)
    2. Ministry/Work Reference: former employer (listed under Work Experience)


    Church Involvement

    a communicant membera non-communicant memberattending in good standing

    ****If applying for a Counselor position, your pastor will be contacted directly for a letter of recommendation.


    Ministry/Work Experience

    French Creek, Camp, Ministry, Work, or Other Experience (MOST RECENT)

    Experience listed belowI have no such experience


    Emergency Contact Information

    In the event of an emergency, contact


    Insurance & Health Information

    The following information MUST be provided, or a photocopy of both sides of the insurance card included with the registration. Any third party medical treatment will be submitted first to the individual’s insurance carrier for payment. Any unpaid or uncovered expenses will then be submitted to FCBC’s insurance carrier for payment. Any remaining balance is the responsibility of the individual treated.


    Disclaimer, Acknowledgements, and Signature

    Please be aware of the Technology Policy in place for the 2024 youth conferences.


    The following is required for all conference staff who will be under age 18 during the conference:

    A separate application must be completed for each conference where you would like to serve.